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Mythe Barn Wedding Photographer

Louise and Elliot were married at Mythe Barn, an absolutely gorgeous venue in Warwickshire and this was the first time I’d photographed a wedding there.  It really is a beautiful venue.  Another first for me was to capture a photograph that’s becoming increasingly popular in the UK, called ‘first look’. It’s a lovely and emotional moment when Bride and Groom first see each other, although this time Louise didn’t want to actually see Elliot before the ceremony, she just wanted to know he was there and they held hands… A beautiful moment!

After a very emotional wedding ceremony the rest of the day was spent nice and relaxed, with only a very few ‘posed’ photographs of bride and groom, as their main priority was for me to capture the whole essence and story of their wedding day.

I hope you enjoy Louise and Elliot’s photos as much as I enjoyed being a part of their day 🙂

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