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Aimee & Warwick – A Redhouse Barn Wedding

It’s always brilliant for a photographer to be recommended to a bride and groom by a wedding venue, especially if that venue is one of my absolute favourites, Redhouse Barn in Worcestershire. So it was great that Aimee and Warwick decided to book me to photograph their wedding, even though I hadn’t actually met them.

When I turned up to photograph Aimee’s bridal visit, a lovely bouquet of flowers had just arrived from her husband to be, Warwick.  I love photographing those little moments, the emotion that you can capture will be looked back on and remembered for years to come.  Then I was off to catch up with a slightly nervous looking Warwick and his guys at St Cassian’s Church in Chaddesley Corbett, where the ceremony was being held.  Everything was nice and relaxed, so we spent most of the time in the background photographing whatever was happening with just a couple of quick group photos of the guys.

When Aimee arrived, it was obvious that the whole day was going to be a giggle, I don’t think she stopped smiling and laughing on the walk to the church and wow did she look amazing!  After a lovely ceremony and a fun bubbles run instead of a confetti run we were all off to Redhouse Barn for the reception.

I know I’ve mentioned it before but it really is an amazing venue and every wedding that I’ve photographed there has always been run impeccably, hosts Jane & Jeremy are both so welcoming.  This meant that everybody had an amazing stress free day and there really were a lot of laughs; though I did feel a little bit sorry for Warwick being mobbed by Aimee and her bridesmaids 😉  To top off the laughter, when the grooms men were announced into the wedding breakfast, they made one of the funniest entrances ever but I think the youngest of them all, had the edge in being cool.

As this was a Summer wedding, during the evening we made use of the gorgeous gardens for our bride and groom photos before heading inside for the first dance on one of the most romantically lit dance floors ever…

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