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Ok, hands up ….. Guilty !!

Every meeting I have with clients searching for a wedding photographer I am asked “Do you take any natural, reportage, documentary photos during our wedding” ? …… Hell yeah !! LOL  A large percentage of the photographs at all of our weddings are these kind of photos.  There are a few names thrown around for this style of photography, I just prefer to call it ‘natural’ …. Capturing the story of your wedding day as it happens, with what I like to call ‘moments’ photographs …. Bride & Groom and guests enjoying the day, unaware their photos are being taken.

So, what am I guilty of? ….. Not blogging enough of this side of our photography !!  I tend to blog mostly the killer photos from our Bride & Groom sessions !!  So, I have a selection of the ‘natural’ photos from some of our recent weddings below.  Including Emma & Hamza’s wedding at Redhouse Barns and also Jo & Baz who chose Breadsall Priory for their wedding …. And in future I will try to include more of this side of our wedding photography in future postsicon smile

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