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Ok, hands up ….. Guilty !!

Every meeting I have with clients searching for a wedding photographer I am asked “Do you take any natural, reportage, documentary photos during our wedding” ? …… Hell yeah !! LOL  A large percentage of the photographs at all of our weddings are these kind of photos.  There are a few names thrown around for this style of photography, I just prefer to call it ‘natural’ …. Capturing the story of your wedding day as it happens, with what I like to call ‘moments’ photographs …. Bride & Groom and guests enjoying the day, unaware their photos are being taken.

So, what am I guilty of? ….. Not blogging enough of this side of our photography !!  I tend to blog mostly the killer photos from our Bride & Groom sessions !!  So, I have a selection of the ‘natural’ photos from some of our recent weddings below.  Including Emma & Hamza’s wedding at Redhouse Barns and also Jo & Baz who chose Breadsall Priory for their wedding …. And in future I will try to include more of this side of our wedding photography in future posts icon smile

documentary wedding photographs0001documentary wedding photographs0002documentary wedding photographs0003documentary wedding photographs0004documentary wedding photographs0005documentary wedding photographs0006documentary wedding photographs0007documentary wedding photographs0008documentary wedding photographs0009documentary wedding photographs0010documentary wedding photographs0011documentary wedding photographs0012documentary wedding photographs0013documentary wedding photographs0014documentary wedding photographs0017documentary wedding photographs0018documentary wedding photographs0019documentary wedding photographs0020documentary wedding photographs0021documentary wedding photographs0022documentary wedding photographs0023documentary wedding photographs0024documentary wedding photographs0025documentary wedding photographs0026documentary wedding photographs0027documentary wedding photographs0028documentary wedding photographs0029documentary wedding photographs0030documentary wedding photographs0031documentary wedding photographs0032documentary wedding photographs0033documentary wedding photographs0034documentary wedding photographs0035documentary wedding photographs0036documentary wedding photographs0037documentary wedding photographs0038documentary wedding photographs0039documentary wedding photographs0040documentary wedding photographs0041documentary wedding photographs0042documentary wedding photographs0043documentary wedding photographs0044documentary wedding photographs0045documentary wedding photographs0046documentary wedding photographs0047

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Coming soon – Jennifer & Ian – Hassop Hall Wedding

Here we go with a few very early photographs from Jennifer & Ian’s recent wedding, with the reception being held at the gorgeous Hassop Hall, Derbyshire.  As Hassop Hall wedding photographers we love this wedding venue, and once again try to photograph something different each time we visit icon smile  Wow, was this day hot !!  With the whole afternoon being spent in the Hassop Hall gardens, and a lot of guests trying to find some shade!  Still have processing to do on the wedding photos, and will be doing a full blog post when I have them ready …. Hope the honeymoon is going well Guys icon smile

Hassop Hall wedding photographer0001Hassop Hall wedding photographer0002Hassop Hall wedding photographer0003Hassop Hall wedding photographer0004Hassop Hall wedding photographer0005Hassop Hall wedding photographer0006Hassop Hall wedding photographer0007


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Priest House Wedding – Laura & Adrian

Here we go with a few more Priest House wedding photos from Laura & Adrian’s brilliant day …. The whole day ran smooth, Bridal prep photos, a lovely wedding ceremony and most of the afternoon spent outside icon smile As wedding photographers at the Priest House, another part of the day I was also looking forward to was the evening off camera flash and video light Bride and Groom session …. We shot some cracking wedding photos icon smile And Laura, you definitely had ‘The Look’ I was looking for in the photographs icon smile Ok Adrian you were pretty cool too Bud !! …… First dance finished off what had been a really enjoyable day, see you both soon ……

wedding photographers Priest House Castle Donington0001wedding photographers Priest House Castle Donington0002wedding photographers Priest House Castle Donington0003wedding photographers Priest House Castle Donington0004wedding photographers Priest House Castle Donington0005wedding photographers Priest House Castle Donington0006wedding photographers Priest House Castle Donington0007wedding photographers Priest House Castle Donington0008wedding photographers Priest House Castle Donington0009wedding photographers Priest House Castle Donington0010wedding photographers Priest House Castle Donington0011wedding photographers Priest House Castle Donington0012wedding photographers Priest House Castle Donington0013wedding photographers Priest House Castle Donington0014wedding photographers Priest House Castle Donington0015wedding photographers Priest House Castle Donington0016wedding photographers Priest House Castle Donington0017wedding photographers Priest House Castle Donington0018

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Laura & Adrian – Priest House Wedding Coming Soon ….

The processing is well underway for our latest wedding, Laura & Adrian who chose the gorgeous Priest House situated on the banks of the River Trent.  As Priest House wedding photographers I am always looking for something different with the wedding photos each time I photograph there ….. Laura & Adrian, thanks to you Guys we cracked it icon smile  Have a fantastic time away and the full blog post will be coming soon ……

priest house wedding photographer0001priest house wedding photographer0002priest house wedding photographer0003priest house wedding photographer0004

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Kirsty & Paul – Dunstall Hall Wedding

Flying with blogging this year … icon smile  Next up, Kirsty & Paul’s stunning Dunstall Hall wedding.  After photographing Kirsty and the girl’s Bridal prep at a gorgeous cottage in Dunstall Hall’s grounds it was a short walk down the road to St Mary’s, Dunstall Church.  During the wedding ceremony Kirsty was stung by a wasp but put on a really brave face, bless her !  Now a married couple Kirsty & Paul were off up the road for a drive in the car as we all took the short walk back to the Hall for the wedding reception, and yep lucky with the weather again we all spent the afternoon outside icon smile  Back in the evening for some cracking low sun with that gorgeous golden glow and video light photos lead us nicely into first dance …. Hope you’re having a fantastic honeymoon Guys, some favourites from your day below …..

dunstall hall wedding photographs0001dunstall hall wedding photographs0002dunstall hall wedding photographs0003dunstall hall wedding photographs0004dunstall hall wedding photographs0005dunstall hall wedding photographs0006dunstall hall wedding photographs0007dunstall hall wedding photographs0008dunstall hall wedding photographs0009dunstall hall wedding photographs0010dunstall hall wedding photographs0011dunstall hall wedding photographs0012dunstall hall wedding photographs0013dunstall hall wedding photographs0014dunstall hall wedding photographs0015dunstall hall wedding photographs0016dunstall hall wedding photographs0017dunstall hall wedding photographs0018dunstall hall wedding photographs0019dunstall hall wedding photographs0020dunstall hall wedding photographs0021dunstall hall wedding photographs0022dunstall hall wedding photographs0023dunstall hall wedding photographs0024

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Sev & Turgut – 2 Day wedding Celebrations

Ok, here we go with some more images from Sev & Turgut’s amazing 2 day wedding.  After the Saturday wedding Ceremony we were eager to go again on the Sunday icon smile  After covering both Sev’s Bridal prep and Turgut getting ready with the lads it was time for Turgut to pick Sev up from the home.  Rather than going straight to the Tower Ballroom, Birmingham, together with the Bridal party we stopped off at the Botanical Gardens for some cool photos of Sev & Turgut then on to some fun stuff with the Bridesmaids and the lads.  Off to the wedding reception next, Wow, how many guests?  The venue was packed !!  Must admit it was a great experience to photograph all the various celebrations icon smile  Hope you Guys are having a great time away, catch up soon …..

The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0001The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0002The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0003The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0004The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0005The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0006The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0007The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0008The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0009The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0010The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0011The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0012The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0013The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0014The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0015The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0016The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0017The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0018The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0019The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0020The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0021The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0022The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0023The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0024The Tower Birmingham wedding photos0025

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