Victoria & James – Tatton Park Wedding

What can I say, WOW … !  OK, the day started with a home visit to photograph Victoria and her Bridesmaids getting ready.  The girls and Victoria’s family were so happy and relaxed, a great start to the day icon smile  It was also nice to be working alongside Shaun Foulds  wedding video again, you rock Shaun icon smile  After the home visit we were off to the Holy Angels Church in Hale Barns, really excited about the Catholic Ceremony and being allowed to photograph from the front icon smile  A few wedding photos of ‘the lads’ then documentary coverage of the guests arriving.  Once Victoria and the Bridesmaids had arrived we were set for the wedding ceremony.  I have to admit being given permission to photograph from the front in a light Church can make such a difference to the coverage, probably why I have posted loads from the wedding ceremony below icon smile

Now a married couple Victoria & James made their way to the wedding reception, held at Tatton Park.  Although a little pushed for time, and the fact the weather had turned, we still managed some time outside between showers to get some gorgeous wedding photos of Victoria & James.  Tatton Park is really beautiful round the back, a fantastic wedding venue, and I ‘Love’ pillars …. icon smile  Guys, you were great, loads of favourites from your wedding below ….

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Suzanne & Daniel – Wedding

Branston Golf Club was the wedding venue for Suzanne & Daniels wedding.  We arrived early, just in time to grab a couple of photos of Suzanne and the girls walking back from the salon, great start icon smile  Giving the girls a little time to settle into the room, off we went to photograph the super cool Daniel and the lads.  Bridal prep photos, then a lovely wedding ceremony followed by Bride & Groom and guests spending most of the afternoon outside before the temperature started dropping.  A big thank you to the staff at Branston Golf Club, especially for guiding us safely to a lovely garden area (Golf clubs can be really dangerous!).  A great session with Suzzane & Daniel producing some gorgeous images, especially as you guys were so happy, we just couldn’t get a serious look out of Suzanne and we all ended up in stitches watching her try icon smile  As we were local we were back to photograph Suzanne & Daniel’s first dance.  Thanks for a very enjoyable day guys, see you soon …..

branston golf club wedding photographers0001branston golf club wedding photographers0002branston golf club wedding photographers0003branston golf club wedding photographers0004branston golf club wedding photographers0005branston golf club wedding photographers0006branston golf club wedding photographers0007branston golf club wedding photographers0008branston golf club wedding photographers0009branston golf club wedding photographers0010branston golf club wedding photographers0011branston golf club wedding photographers0012branston golf club wedding photographers0013branston golf club wedding photographers0014branston golf club wedding photographers0015branston golf club wedding photographers0016branston golf club wedding photographers0017branston golf club wedding photographers0018

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Marie & Stuart – Makeney Hall Wedding

Marie & Stuart were recently married at Makeney Hall, Derbyshire, a gorgeous wedding venue.  After photographing the guests arriving and some photographs of the lads enjoying their beers, we were ready for the arrival of the Bridesmaids and the Bride.  Marie was given away by her Grandad during a lovely wedding ceremony.  Once again we were blessed with great weather, so everyone enjoyed the afternoon outside.  Makeney Hall has some lovely gardens, with a stunning wooded area, perfect for our style of wedding photography.  Marie & Stuart, I know we worked you Guys fairly hard but when you see the wedding photos we hope you think it was worth it … icon smile  We know you are on an amazing Honeymoon, have fun and see you both soon ……

marie stuart0032marie stuart0040marie stuart0062marie stuart0066marie stuart0127marie stuart0140marie stuart0141marie stuart0156marie stuart0167marie stuart0210marie stuart0307marie stuart0329marie stuart0330marie stuart0331

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Jo & Michael – Norwood Park Wedding

Jo’s Bridal prep visit was at her parents gorgeous farm in Caunton, Wow, stunning location, stunning Bride & Bridesmaids, great start to the day icon smile  Off then for some photos of Michael and the guys calming the nerves with beers at a street Cafe in Southwell … !  On then to the stunning Norwood Park, a beautiful wedding venue.  A fairly tight wedding ceremony room layout and difficult registrars icon sad left me getting creative, and the few shots I was allowed to take were shot through a mirror …. !  Look close at the ceremony images, not bad eh … lol  After spending some time outside at Norwood Park enjoying the sunshine (again :-)) Jo & Michael’s wedding reception was held in a marquee back at Jo’s parents farm.  Bride & Groom session, confetti and throwing the bouquet followed by the wedding breakfast.

A big thank you here for Fiona & Tom, after photographing their wedding a while back Jo & Michael’s wedding was yet another referral.  We love you guys, and wish you both well icon smile  Jo & Michael, a few favourites below ……

norwood park weddings0001norwood park weddings0002norwood park weddings0003norwood park weddings0004norwood park weddings0005norwood park weddings0006norwood park weddings0007norwood park weddings0008norwood park weddings0009norwood park weddings0010norwood park weddings0011norwood park weddings0012norwood park weddings0013norwood park weddings0014norwood park weddings0015norwood park weddings0016norwood park weddings0017norwood park weddings0018norwood park weddings0019norwood park weddings0020norwood park weddings0021norwood park weddings0022norwood park weddings0023norwood park weddings0024norwood park weddings0025norwood park weddings0026

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Catherine & Steve – Packington Moor Wedding

We arrived at Packington Moor to strong winds and sideways rain, wipers full bore, thinking this can’t be happening – it’s August …. !  Anyway, as the lads turned up, it blew over and revealed the most gorgeous blue skies …. Thank you !!  Packington Moor is a great wedding venue, and one we would like to photograph at more often!  The lads wedding photos done, we were all ready for Catherine and the Bridesmaids arrival.  The barn at Packington Moor is a wonderful place to hold the wedding ceremony, great light :-).  Once married, Catherine and Steve led all their guests out into the courtyard to enjoy the sunshine.  After wedding photographs in the gardens, we took the Bride & Groom into the room where the wedding breakfast was being readied and made use of a spare 15 mins for some cool video light shots.  Still processing guys, but some early images below for you.  Have fun on your honeymoon ….

packington moor weddings0001packington moor weddings0002packington moor weddings0003packington moor weddings0004packington moor weddings0005packington moor weddings0006packington moor weddings0007packington moor weddings0008packington moor weddings0009packington moor weddings0010

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