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It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Sandhole Oak Barn in Cheshire so it was a nice surprise when Hannah and Pierre chose me to photograph their wedding there, and wow what a wedding!  There was everything you could possibly want from Trilbies and an American Muscle car through to a horse & carriage and the family dog as a ring bearer.  Oh and there was rain but it didn’t stop our bride and groom from having a fantastic day.

You know it’s going to be a good day when the groom arrives in a Pontiac Firebird and add to that, the fact that he was so comfortable in front of the camera and could ‘pose’ effortlessly then we couldn’t go wrong with the photographs.  With his lads in Trilbies, funky suits and all up for having a laugh it just added to the fun factor of the day.  I think he got out-shone by his bride Hannah  though (and quite rightly too) I mean, look at that dress! Stunning or what?  Hannah got ready in the rooms at Sandhole Oak Barn but wanted to arrive for her wedding by horse and carriage. So she’d hired a lovely carriage and a pair of beautiful white horses to pick her up, go for a ride around the beautiful Cheshire countryside so that she could then arrive back there in style.  The ceremony was of course, stylish and emotional and having their dog as ring-bearer was a lovely heart warming touch, she was such a gentle and shy little animal.

We were lucky with the weather in the afternoon, it stopped raining long enough for the guests to spend some time outside and also for us to have some quality bride & groom time with Hannah and Pierre.  It would have been almost criminal if we hadn’t got the chance to photograph such an amazing, fun and photogenic couple.

I’m going to skip my narrative of their wedding to the first dance (or first dances is more precise).  Hannah changed her fabulous wedding gown for a just as fabulous shorter gown and was escorted into the Barn for her first dance but there was a huge surprise waiting for her. Pierre had planned a choreographed dance with the whole bridal party just for Hannah, he walked her into the room, sat her on a chair and then everybody stepped up and took their place.  If I say ‘she was shocked’ I think it may be an understatement and it went down well with every one of their wedding guests.

In no way was their first dance upstaged by Pierre’s little surprise, when the couple finally took to the dance floor it was just as beautifully choreographed and a pleasure for us to photograph.

I hope you’ll love looking through their wedding photos as much as we loved being a part of the wedding…

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As I travel throughout the UK (and Internationally) for my weddings there are occasions when I don’t get to see the wedding venue until the big day and that was the case with Beccy and Chris’ wedding at Whirlowbrook Hall in Sheffield. I arrived early to have a look around the venue and the only thing I was thinking while walking around was “please let me have enough time to photograph all of this”, it was impressive to say the least.  The gardens are amazing and a wedding photographer’s dream with beautiful colour, little pockets of light and a huge lake.

Thankfully Beccy and Chris booked me to photograph their wedding in my contemporary style so they were more than eager to spend as much time as we needed to get those photos.

The guests arrived by vintage bus and it was nice of the owners to stay until after the ceremony so that the bride and groom could have a few photos with it.  The majority of the day was spent taking the natural and relaxed photos and of course the ‘bouquet throw’ (not sure the girl that caught it is old enough to marry yet but it was a cute moment).  Oh and check out that cake! That’s a first for me, and I’ve been assured by one of the waiters that having the Lego bride and groom place names sends this wedding into the realms of ‘uber coolness’.

I know I say this on nearly all of my blog posts “the bride and groom were amazing” but it’s true, they really are amazing.  Beccy and Chris were fun to photograph and we had a fantastic day with the whole wedding party at this gorgeous venue.  It has been hard for me to not post ALL of their wedding photos as I loved every single one of them but I managed to cut it down to just a few for you:-)

Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography0001Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography0002Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography0003Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography0004Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography0005Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography0006Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography0007Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography0008Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography0009Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography0010Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography0011Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography0012Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography0013Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography0014Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography0015Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography0016Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography0017Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography0018Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography0019Whirlowbrook Hall Wedding Photography0020