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Rachel & Jamie – Redhouse Barns Wedding

Seriously time now to catch up with some blogging …. Think I’ve said this before but check out some posts below for proof …. I’m rubbish at writing blog posts, saving my talents for taking the actual photosicon smileLOL …. Anyway, here we go with a selection of favourites from Rachel and Jamie’s recent wedding, held at Redhouse Barns in Worcestershire ….Redhouse Barns Photos0001Redhouse Barns Photos0002Redhouse Barns Photos0003Redhouse Barns Photos0004Redhouse Barns Photos0005Redhouse Barns Photos0006Redhouse Barns Photos0007Redhouse Barns Photos0008Redhouse Barns Photos0009Redhouse Barns Photos0010

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Louise and Stephen – Cressbrook Hall Wedding

My first visit to the stunning Cressbrook Hall, situated within the Derbyshire Peak District, to photograph Louise and Stephen’s wedding, and Wow, what a fantastic dayicon smile Starting with Louise’s Bridal prep photos at the Hall, then a short trip to the Cottages down the drive for photos of Stephen and the Lads (oh, and their gorgeous dog!).  Next stop, Ashford in the Water for the wedding ceremony, held at Holy Trinity Church.  After the ceremony and now a married couple, Louise and Stephen made their way back up to Cressbrook Hall for their wedding celebrations and reception.  That’s all the write I’m gonna do for this one ….. A gorgeous venue, lovely Bride and Groom, cracking weather …… A brilliant dayicon smileSelection of my favourites from the day below …..

Cressbrook Hall Weddings0001Cressbrook Hall Weddings0002Cressbrook Hall Weddings0003Cressbrook Hall Weddings0004Cressbrook Hall Weddings0005Cressbrook Hall Weddings0006Cressbrook Hall Weddings0007Cressbrook Hall Weddings0008Cressbrook Hall Weddings0009Cressbrook Hall Weddings0010Cressbrook Hall Weddings0011Cressbrook Hall Weddings0012Cressbrook Hall Weddings0013Cressbrook Hall Weddings0014Cressbrook Hall Weddings0015Cressbrook Hall Weddings0016Cressbrook Hall Weddings0017Cressbrook Hall Weddings0018Cressbrook Hall Weddings0019Cressbrook Hall Weddings0020Cressbrook Hall Weddings0021Cressbrook Hall Weddings0022Cressbrook Hall Weddings0023Cressbrook Hall Weddings0024Cressbrook Hall Weddings0025Cressbrook Hall Weddings0026Cressbrook Hall Weddings0027Cressbrook Hall Weddings0028Cressbrook Hall Weddings0029Cressbrook Hall Weddings0030Cressbrook Hall Weddings0031Cressbrook Hall Weddings0032Cressbrook Hall Weddings0033Cressbrook Hall Weddings0034


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Gemma & Daniel’s Breadsall Priory Wedding

The stunning Breadsall Priory was the venue chosen by Gemma & Daniel for their recent wedding, I love photographing weddings at this placeicon smile Anyway, a couple of room visits to photograph Gemma’s Bridal prep, don’t you just love her floral headpiece btw ….. Then a couple of photos of the super cool Daniel, led us nicely into a lovely ceremony which was followed by the afternoon spent with everyone outside for a full group shot and family photos.  Later on we had a brilliant photo session with Gemma and Daniel enjoying the Breadsall gardens, then a few more early evening photos for Bride and Groom using my favourite Lowel GL-1 video lighticon smileFinally, first dance ended what had been a really enjoyable day …. Thanks Guys, some favourites below ….

Breadsall Priory Images0001Breadsall Priory Images0002Breadsall Priory Images0003Breadsall Priory Images0004Breadsall Priory Images0005Breadsall Priory Images0006Breadsall Priory Images0007Breadsall Priory Images0008Breadsall Priory Images0009Breadsall Priory Images0010Breadsall Priory Images0011Breadsall Priory Images0012Breadsall Priory Images0013Breadsall Priory Images0014Breadsall Priory Images0015

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Anna and Glen – Stoke Rochford Hall Wedding Photography

Our first visit to Stoke Rochford Hall and Wow, what an amazing wedding venue.  After checking out the best places for my style of wedding photography it was time for Anna’s first room visit …. Another Wow, Anna and her Bridesmaids were blending a mix of modern and vintage perfectly and I’ve been assured that Anna’s ‘Irregular Choice’ of shoes were just amazingicon smile Next up some casual photos of Glen and his brothers, then back for another room visit with Anna.

The wedding ceremony was held in the beautiful Orangery at Stoke Rochford which has loads of light and that means…. happy photographericon smile Ok so, I was a little worried about the weather,  and as they got married quite late in the day, it was getting dark so we took the new husband and wife outside for photos using the stunning Stoke Rochford Hall as a backdrop.  Guys, you were a pleasure to photograph and I think everyone will see from the photos below you were both so relaxed and happy ……… A few family photos and full group shot led us into the wedding breakfast and some really funny speeches.  A quick 10 mins with Anna and Glen for some contemporary video light wedding photographs led us nicely into their first dance ending an excellent day ……… Here we go with a selection of favourites below ….

Stoke Rochford Hall0001Stoke Rochford Hall0002Stoke Rochford Hall0003Stoke Rochford Hall0004Stoke Rochford Hall0005Stoke Rochford Hall0006Stoke Rochford Hall0007Stoke Rochford Hall0008Stoke Rochford Hall0009Stoke Rochford Hall0010Stoke Rochford Hall0011Stoke Rochford Hall0012Stoke Rochford Hall0013Stoke Rochford Hall0014Stoke Rochford Hall0015Stoke Rochford Hall0016Stoke Rochford Hall0017Stoke Rochford Hall0018Stoke Rochford Hall0019Stoke Rochford Hall0020Stoke Rochford Hall0021Stoke Rochford Hall0022Stoke Rochford Hall0023Stoke Rochford Hall0024Stoke Rochford Hall0025




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Our 2013 Weddings Review

Woohoo, finally got round to putting this blog post together.  What a fantastic year 2013 was, 56 amazing weddings (two of which I can’t publish) and all you fantastic couplesicon smile I’m not going to do much waffling on this post but would just like to say a massive thank you to all our couples, past present and the future ……. Here we go with a favourite single image from each 2013 wedding, check out the changing seasons as they go through the yearicon smile

Hannah & Rob – Tom Browns, Gunthorpe

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0001

Michelle & Matt – Moddershall Oaks

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0002

Louise & Dean – Nunsmere Hall

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0003

Kelly & Sean – Breadsall Priory

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0004

Sarah & Rob – Morley Hayes

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0005

Caroline & Paul – Breadsall Priory

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0006

Vanessa & Mike – Breadsall Priory

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0007

Jamie & Paulo – Breadsall Priory

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0008

Laura & Matt – Wrenbury Hall

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0009

Rebecca & Kevin – Breadsall Priory

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0010

Natalie & Steven – Kilworth House Hotel

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0011

Sarah & David – Dovecliff Hall

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0012

Susan & Michael – Sutton Bonington Hall

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0013

Jo & Russ – Breadsall Priory

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0014

Jo & John – The Moat House

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0015

Sarah & Daniel – Nuthurst Grange Hotel

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0016

Kim & Michael – Packington Moor

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0017

Ellen & Clemens – Various locations in Holland

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0018

Lorna & Andrew – Morley Hayes

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0019

Nina & Niel – Dovecliff Hall

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0020

Suzanne & Dennis – Breadsall Priory

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0021

Katie & Adam – Breadsall Priory

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0022

Jessica & Ricky – Riverside Hotel

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0023

Anita & Mark – Alrewas Hayes

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0024

Daiga & Martin – Breadsall Priory

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0025

Jane & Alan -Keele Hall

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0026

Emma & Ben – Goldstone Hall

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0027

Pauline & Dave – Hilton at St Georges Park

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0028

Jennifer & Gary – The Priest House Hotel

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0029

Cath & Ian – Somerford Hall

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0030

Julia & Lee – The Ashes

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0031

Denise & Matt – Breadsall Priory

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0032

Jess & Andrew – Tutbury Castle

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0033

Holly & Wesley – Redhouse Barns

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0034

Gemma & Tim – Cressbrook Hall

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0035

Anne & Eddie – Down Hall, London

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0036

Hayley & Ben – Donington Park Farm

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0037

Claire & Jon – Redhouse Barns

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0038

Naomi & Gareth – The Winery, Burton on Trent

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0039

Stacey & Dom – Makeney Hall

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0040

Kelly & Kevin – Breadsall Priory

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0041

Carolyn & Ian – Redhouse Barns

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0042

Nicola & Phillip – Breadsall Priory

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0043

Louise & Jon – Hadley Park House Hotel

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0044

Gaenor & Gary – Denby Cricket Club

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0045

Georgina & Sam – Donington Park Farm

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0046

Zeph & Amy – Tutbury Castle

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0047

Emma & Heath – Rookery Hall

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0048

Natalie & Liam – Consall Hall Gardens

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0049

Lavinia & Michael – Burton on Trent

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0050

Katie & Adam – Stancliffe Hall

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0051

Leanne & Craig – The Priest House Hotel

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0052

Usha & Harjit – Breadsall Priory and The Cordamom Club, Derby

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0053

Rebecca & Stuart – The Riverside Hotel, Burton on Trent

Dave Nunn Studios Weddings0054

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