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My first visit to the stunning Cressbrook Hall, situated within the Derbyshire Peak District, to photograph Louise and Stephen’s wedding, and Wow, what a fantastic dayicon smile Starting with Louise’s Bridal prep photos at the Hall, then a short trip to the Cottages down the drive for photos of Stephen and the Lads (oh, and their gorgeous dog!).  Next stop, Ashford in the Water for the wedding ceremony, held at Holy Trinity Church.  After the ceremony and now a married couple, Louise and Stephen made their way back up to Cressbrook Hall for their wedding celebrations and reception.  That’s all the write I’m gonna do for this one ….. A gorgeous venue, lovely Bride and Groom, cracking weather …… A brilliant dayicon smileSelection of my favourites from the day below …..

Cressbrook Hall Weddings0001Cressbrook Hall Weddings0002Cressbrook Hall Weddings0003Cressbrook Hall Weddings0004Cressbrook Hall Weddings0005Cressbrook Hall Weddings0006Cressbrook Hall Weddings0007Cressbrook Hall Weddings0008Cressbrook Hall Weddings0009Cressbrook Hall Weddings0010Cressbrook Hall Weddings0011Cressbrook Hall Weddings0012Cressbrook Hall Weddings0013Cressbrook Hall Weddings0014Cressbrook Hall Weddings0015Cressbrook Hall Weddings0016Cressbrook Hall Weddings0017Cressbrook Hall Weddings0018Cressbrook Hall Weddings0019Cressbrook Hall Weddings0020Cressbrook Hall Weddings0021Cressbrook Hall Weddings0022Cressbrook Hall Weddings0023Cressbrook Hall Weddings0024Cressbrook Hall Weddings0025Cressbrook Hall Weddings0026Cressbrook Hall Weddings0027Cressbrook Hall Weddings0028Cressbrook Hall Weddings0029Cressbrook Hall Weddings0030Cressbrook Hall Weddings0031Cressbrook Hall Weddings0032Cressbrook Hall Weddings0033Cressbrook Hall Weddings0034


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